Enraf-Academy Introduction Note

  • Users of Enraf-Nonius treatment devices must be trained in how to use the system properly and have the appropriate skills.
  • Any treatment instructions regarding treatment location, duration and strength require medical knowledge and should only be given by authorised doctors, therapists and health professionals. It is imperative that these instructions are followed.
  • Before using Enraf-Nonius equipment, read, understand and practice the instructions for use. Know the limitations and hazards associated with using the device. Also observe the precautionary and operational decals placed on the unit.

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Indications Ultrasound

  • Ultrasound is indicated for conditions that benefit from the application of deep heat: relief of pain, muscle spasms and joint contractures. The objective of therapeutic ultrasound in the treatment of selected medical conditions associated with the chronic and sub chronic conditions of bursitis/capsulitis, epicondylitis, ligament sprains, tendinitis, scar tissue healing and muscle strain, is to reduce pain.

Contra-indications Ultrasound

  • The established contra-indications to heat therapy itself
  • In an area of the body where a malignancy is known to be present
  • Over or near bone growth centers until bone growth is complete
  • Over the thoracic area if the patient is using a cardiac pacemaker
  • Over a healing fracture
  • Over ischemic tissues in individuals with vascular disease where the blood supply would be unable to follow the increase in metabolic demand and tissue necrosis might result
  • In the presence of metal implants of any type
  • Patients with sensory loss on the area to be treated
  • The gonads or to the developing fetus
  • The heart
  • The brains
  • The testicles
  • The eyes
  • Ultrasound should not be used on unconscious patients


Instruction for Use Please consult the Instructions for Use for more information on indications and contra-indications and for warnings and recommendations.

These indications and contra-indications originated from the 4-Series Operating Instructions EN 1498751-41.pdf.

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